Perth’s Comprehensive Car Detailing Service


Everyone understands that clean-car feeling; cruising around town with pride hoping that people stop and notice how immaculate your ride is as the wind rushes through your hair and your favourite song plays on the radio. The problem with this scenario is that most people feel that they can’t find the time or money to do it, and therefore the inside and outside cleanliness of their vehicle suffers.


With Mike’s Mobile Car Wash, we can offer comprehensive car detailing services that are affordable and convenient for residents all over Perth, WA. It’s not uncommon for car owners to find that the outside looks great while the inside just doesn’t seem to feel clean no matter how hard you try. This is where our mobile car detailers come in, expertly performing a service that will leave your ride looking and feeling as good as new.


Convenient mobile servicing


Gone are the days when you had to wait hours for your car to be meticulously cleaned. Not only do our mobile car detailers come to your location, meaning that you are free to do whatever you want during that time, but our service promises to be the winning combination of efficient and effective. As experienced professionals with a reputation for providing a high quality car detailing service all throughout Perth, we have the experience and expertise necessary to make your car look as good as new without breaking the bank or taking up a large chunk of your time.


Sell for more


It’s no secret that keeping your vehicle in good condition, inside and out, proves rewarding when it comes time to sell. When the inside of your ride is properly detailed, it makes a noticeable difference and a great first impression on potential buyers. When you choose Mike’s, your car detailer will be sure to get into every nook and cranny imaginable to ensure that the end result is impeccable. Our service includes a complete vacuum of the entire vehicle, including the boot, as well as a comprehensive clean of all the windows, doors, frames, panels, dashboards and air vents. The attention to detail that we put into our work is sure to impress not only you, but anyone who steps foot inside.


For more information about our mobile detailing in Perth, WA, call or text us today on 0435 245 436.


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