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Take pride in the appearance of your vehicle and consider a professional external clean. Whether you are looking to sell your vehicle or you just want to get that like-new shine, Mike’s Mobile Car Wash offer exterior car detailing. The level of excellence offered by Mike’s is incomparable to that of other detailers. Experience a high level of care and service from one of the most dedicated detailers in Perth.

Exterior Detail (Rear) - Before     Exterior Detail (Rear) - After

Improve the Appearance of Your Exterior


A simple wash will only ever give your automobile the appearance of cleanliness. Exterior car detailing will get into all the nooks and crannies of your vehicle, providing a deep clean. The full body wash will address any tough marks as well as providing a protective wax coating to your paintwork. When you wash your car do you think about your headlights? The wheel arches? A full detail will assess all of these often forgotten external areas and clean them appropriately.


As a mobile car exterior detailing service, your schedule won’t be affected by our services. Whether you’re at work or at home, we come to you. Rather than being without your vehicle for a day while it sits in a detailer’s garage, Mike can have you back on the road within a few short hours.

Mazda Detailed Exterior - Before     Mazda Detailed Exterior - After

Impress for Sale


An easy way to improve your chances of selling your car is through a professional detailing solution. Bringing your exterior back to an almost new shine will help attract prospective buyers. The cleaner and more cared for your vehicle looks, the more attractive it will be. Those in the market for a vehicle are usually looking for a low maintenance, drive away option. Choosing mobile car detailing for your interior and external area can make your automobile a desirable option.


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