You know what they say: dress for the job you want, not the job you have!


And that’s why you should detail your car.


Let me explain…


What this piece of advice basically means, is that your career prospects drastically improve the moment you start looking the part. If someone turns up at your office looking scruffy and dishevelled, you likely won’t give them the time of day. If someone turns up looking slick in a suit though, you’ll be far more likely to take them seriously. If you subscribe to the whole “law of attraction” mantra then you’ll also know that the extra confidence and reputation you get from looking great can result in you more quickly getting the lifestyle you want. Act as if something is true long enough and eventually it becomes true.


Controlling Your Professional Image


What does this all have to do with detailing a car? Simple: it adds to your overall look.


No matter how well you are dressed, if you turn up in an old clapper, it will undermine how seriously you are taken by potential employers.


And the problem is that the car is often the very first impression that you will make on someone. If you are driving to a meeting, then the people you are meeting will see your car before they see you. You’ll turn up, they’ll feel worried and you might be facing an uphill battle to shift that impression they just formed. It might not sound fair but we all make quick judgements on people we don’t know.


This is contrary to turning up in an amazing, new looking car and thereby creating the expectation that you are going to be slick, efficient and detail-oriented.


Of course you might not be able to afford an Aston Martin and that’s fine. What’s really important is that the car looks healthy and well taken care of. As long as the paint looks vibrant and the car looks new, it will impress.


And think of what this communicates to potential clients and employees. It shows that you care. It shows that you take time in your presentation. It shows that you have an eye for detail.


This is absolutely crucial then for anyone who uses their car as part of their job. If you entertain clients or if you drive to your jobs in your car, then it’s critical.


But for everyone else, too – for anyone who is serious about the image they are projecting to the world – detailing is a savvy investment.


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