Detailing a car can sometimes seem like a luxury. It’s not terribly expensive but ultimately all you’re doing is touching up the paint job and cleaning up the interior… Your car will still run if this isn’t done and thus it is by no means a necessity.


Of course there are many more benefits to car detailing, from the improved safety and health, to the increased resale value.


And if you have pets, then this goes from being a luxury to being an absolute necessity. You simply cannot get by without detailing your car if you have pets, as you otherwise risk a car that is constantly covered in animal hair and pet odour.


How Detailing Undoes Animal Damage


Anyone who has a dog will know how much of an impact that has on the scent of their car. With the best will in the world, this results in a car that smells of dog… permanently!


And no matter how hard you try to get that smell out, nothing that you can do on your own will quite do it. This is why you need to get some help from the professionals – and that means getting your car detailed.


What’s more, detailing will help to remove the tiny hairs that get all over the seats and all over the floors. These hairs are far from aesthetically pleasing and they end up on all your clothes. That means that not just you but also your passengers are now going to be walking around with backsides covered in dog-hair!


Of course dogs also like to go for frolics and when they get back in the car, they often bring half of the “great outdoors” with them, covering your interior with mud and dirt.


The other thing to keep in mind is that the longer you leave hairs and mud and smell in your car, the more deeply set-in they will become. Leave it too long and they can eventually go past the “point of no return.”


And finally, dogs of course also like to lick, sniff and rub their faces all over car windows, which also isn’t exactly good for them if the windows are grimy!


So unless you want a car that’s constantly covered in dog smell, hairs, mud and saliva it’s well worth getting a professional car detail from time-to-time to keep it presentable and bearable!


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