When we think about taking our vehicles to be detailed, it is common to focus mainly on the way this will benefit the look of the vehicle. This is a shallow way to drive a car that looks newer and more expensive… right?


While it’s true that deciding to detail your car will make you feel like a million bucks driving round, it’s important to realize that it also has a number of other profound benefits on things like your health (as it improves air quality), resale value and first impressions.


What’s more, it can even improve your safety!


Visibility and Car Detailing


There are a number of ways this can happen. For starters, getting a car detailed will mean cleaning the windshield. This can right away remove tiny bits of grime, streaky lines and more which can otherwise obscure your vision. It actually only takes a very minor mark on your glass to distract you for long enough that there’s an accident or to make it harder to see some oncoming traffic or hazard. Note as well that the longer you leave this, the more the grime and dirt will build up. That’s because dirty glass is only likely to attract more and more dirt over time!


Likewise, car detailing also ensures that the windows and mirrors on your vehicle are cleaned. This also extends to your headlights and by cleaning this part of the car you can improve your visibility and that of your fellow drivers and pedestrians.


The same goes for brake lights and indicators – and by improving the visibility of both these you will be more visible to other vehicles on the road and better able to communicate. Finally, consider the impact this has on your mirrors and your ability to see in all your blind spots when reversing, turning a corner or crossing a tricky intersection.


Controlling the Weather


While you may not be able to gain control of the weather, you can certainly gain control of how your car handles the weather. Can you really rely on dirty windscreens, windows, mirrors, lights and windscreen wipers in wet, stormy weather? Of course you can’t and it’s not worth taking the chance.


So if getting a better looking car isn’t enough motivation for you, consider getting your car detailed to improve your safety on the road. This could genuinely save your life!


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