How does it feel to drive in a car that has been detailed?


The short answer is great. No matter how nice your car is, it will always be much more rewarding to admire and to drive when it has that “new sheen” that you can only get from a professional clean.


What’s more, having your car detailed also makes you feel more comfortable. It literally changes the experience of the ride and makes all that time you spend trapped in traffic much more relaxing and even enjoyable.


The Effects of a Good Car Detail


How does detailing a car make it more comfortable?


For starters, simply cleaning the seats makes them more comfortable to sit on. If you have dirt and mud on your seats this can make them feel almost “crispy” and that’s not half as comfortable as sitting back into a freshly cleaned, cushioned seat. It’s a little like sleeping in freshly washed linen – it’s just instantly more indulgent and relaxing.


Perhaps more important though is the smell. Remember when you first got your car and it had that amazing “new” smell? That’s the smell of a pristine new vehicle but you lose it within days…


Until you get your car detailed that is which is like turning back the clock on your vehicle. And if you smoke, have a dog, or have children then this will be even more noticeable. Instead of being put off and aggravated by the smell, you’ll now feel calmed and relaxed by it.


How the Look of a Car Affects Comfort


What’s more, when your car looks cleaner, it feels cleaner.


Everyone knows that it’s remarkably hard to relax in a space that is dirty or untidy. Think of the difference that tidying your room/house makes on your ability to kick back and unwind! Chances are that you feel much better when everything is in the right place and you can see your face in the taps and mirrors.


And the exact same thing goes for a car. When it looks clean, you relax!


What’s more is that your passengers will benefit from all this too. It’s a great feeling being proud of your car and inviting someone into it. It’s less great having a car you’re kind of embarrassed of. Make sure that you fall into that former category!


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